Crooks Peak is a VR game studio in South West England.
We're proud to work with PlayStation, Meta and Valve.

The Team

team picture of very beautiful people

Charlie (Left) - Developer

Development, bussiness and questionable voice acting. LinkedIn, Website

Reddy boy (Right) - Top Dog

Generally confused about VR headsets but very supportive.

Our Games

space janitor chilling in the stars

Alien Extraction is our lighthearted puzzle strategy game proudly released 2022 on Steam and Meta Quest. Guide Lenny the space janitor through deadly and dangerous levels: sneak, burn, distract, pilot, blast and clean his way to safety.

top secret image

By Grit Alone (working title) is our top secret next game, currently in pre-production. More details coming Autumn 2022.

Contact Us

We love working with the press and streamers, please reach out for keys, assets or interviews. Don't hesitate to get in touch with questions, suggestions, critiques and compliments!


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